The domestic diesel engine oil compounding technology (Wuhan) exchange meeting ended successfully

On April 12, 2018, Hairun Company's Wuhan Conference Center successfully held a product technology exchange meeting in Hubei. A total of 30 lubricant manufacturers from Hubei participated in the conference. The meeting achieved its intended purpose and achieved complete success.


The exchange was supported by the exclusive technical support of Sinopec Research Institute of Petrochemical Science. Professor Wu Zhiqiang, deputy director of the Seventh Room of Sinopec Institute of Stone Science, Professor Wang Lihua, head of the turbine oil research group, and Dr. Xu Jie, senior engineer of the diesel engine research group, respectively Shikeyuan and Hairun cooperated, the development of turbine oil and diesel engine oil specifications and the research of formula research in Shikeyuan, and received wide acclaim from the participants. It provided strong support for the further expansion of the market for domestic compounding agents in Hubei.


The Hubei region has long been one of the most important automobile manufacturing bases in China. With the continuous development of the economy, the car ownership in the region has also shown a rapid growth trend, and the demand for various types of automotive lubricants is increasing. Large, the requirements for the quality and specification of lubricants are also getting higher and higher. This technical exchange meeting invites many lubricant manufacturers in Hubei Province. We hope to take this opportunity to introduce the development of domestically produced internal combustion engine oil and compounding technology and product application to everyone, and strive for more corporate awareness and Learn about "domestic agents." The representatives of each company listened carefully to the lectures of experts and exchanged and interacted with the experts face to face.


As a leader in domestic compounding agents, Hairun has long been committed to the research and development of domestic compounding formulas and technologies, as well as the promotion and application of products, contributing to the development of domestic moisturizing agents and shouting! With the continuous development of China's economy and technology, domestic compounding technology is constantly improving, and the technological gap with foreign products is shrinking! I believe that in the near future, the development of domestic lubricant additives will be better and better!

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